Taking money out of your company

If you’re a company owner and you find yourself reluctant to take the profits out of your company because of the tax you will pay, then a VCT may be your solution.  

Here’s an example of how it could work:

He cannot withdraw this money within the first five years. But after five years he can take it out tax free. This is much less of a restriction than if he had made a pension contribution. 

See Pension Contributions for more information.

He can repeat this process on a yearly basis to create a conveyor belt of VCTs. Click below to find out more about the lifetime tax reducer.


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Taking money out of a company: VCT vs No VCT 

VCTs - it's not all about tax

It’s true that a VCT is a great tax saver. But it should not be the only reason you invest in a VCT. It is true that a £100,000 investment might only cost you £70,000 (as you get a £30,000 tax saving). But they can be great investments too. 

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